We visited...

Österlen is the artists' paradise, which is completely understandable with its magnificent view over the rolling rapeseed fields, hills, forests, ruins, sea and beaches. Here you can experience good food and sophisticated culture. During our stay we visited Stenshuvud, a beautiful national park with deciduous forest and a fantastic white sandy beach, Ales Stenar and Christinehof Castle. 


A beautiful place in Skåne. There are many nature reserves to explore. Seeing Kivik's large apple orchards or visiting Mandelman's garden is probably a must for many.


This national park offers both beautiful forests and an outstanding sandy beach that attracts many tourists during the summer.

Ales Stenar

32 meters above sea level is an ancient monument consisting of 59 stones.
This is Sweden's largest preserved shipwreck of 67 meters long and 19 meters wide.

Christinehofs slott

A castle located in Skåne with nice parks and a nice little café. The castle was built in 1737–1741 in German Baroque style under the direction of Georg Mockelten. The castle is part of Christinehof's Ecopark.