Gryt, Valdemarsvik, East Coast

From Gryt's archipelago you can ride comfortably with MS Ellen af Harstena and experience a quiet trip in the archipelago of Östgötland, or you can contact the mail delivery boat and follow the deliveries to the various houses along the shore. This ride may not be as comfortable, but it is definitely faster. If you choose to do as we did, and sit out on the aft deck, you can count on sea splashes and a very windy journey, but it was great fun. The mail boat makes a stop for about 40 minutes in Harstena wich gives you time to eat your packed lunch or buy an ice cream in the kiosk. If you instead take the trip with MS Ellen af Harstena, you make a longer stop in Harstena and you both have time to eat, have a Swedish "fika" and discover the island. 
It is important to keep in mind that no restaurants are open during the off season. 

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