Dark and mysterious places

Child killing cross - Ödeshög

Our otherwise reliable cameras stop working at the same time as we hear an unpleasant scream in the forest. I sounds just like a child crying and we realize that this is exactly what other people have heard at this creepy place. Child killing cross, where a woman, according to rumors killed here babies and hung them from the tree branches. This place is creepy whether you believe in ghosts or not. 

At the end of the 19th century, Anna Stina Samuelsdotter, who according to rumors was a prostitute, lived in the house that once stood here. Nowadays, only the house foundation remains.  Anna Stina is said to have given birth to several children whom she drowned and then hung up in a tree. The tree no longer exists, only a tree stump that testifies to this tragic place. 

Garrison Hospital - Karlsborg

from the 1870s 

Some say this place is haunted. The hospital is today completely abandoned, but once upon a time it was full of activity and autopsies were also performed here. Ghosts or no ghosts, this is an eerie place.